About Us

Who We Are

Little Willow Herbal Crafts is a home-based, small business herbal shop dedicated to supplying customers with all-natural wellness products such as body butters, tinctures, lip balms, and more. All products are made by hand with the intent to create balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Ingredients are carefully chosen from suppliers who engage in fair trade and who are concerned with sustainability and the overall well being of the planet and the persons living on it.

There are no lengthy, unfamiliar words in our ingredient lists. You won't find any harsh chemicals in our products and everything is made in small batches. Our mission is to provide transparency and to encourage the use of herbal products for general well being.  

What we do

We love to create and make! Crafting herbal products with the intent to support nourishment in the body is our passion. We are dedicated to researching and crafting the best supportive products that will assist in the overall wellness of the body. 

Products are made with extreme care in small, even micro batches so that no product arrives in its new home stale or expired. 

What we believe

Balance in the body is more than finding an immediate cure. While herbs provide support for ailments and sore muscles, even nervousness and fatigue, the processes of creating balance comes down to the individual. Herbal products as a whole are just one piece of the puzzle. People need to put in a little work as well. This might include setting time aside for mediation or talking about a stressful situation with another person rather than suppressing it. 

Sometimes, however, an immediate cure is needed. Herb's aren't going to set a broken bone or replace a failed organ. We wholly support the work and efforts of licensed doctors and encourage customers to seek medical advice before engaging in herbal consumption or use. 

That said, the Earth is full of supportive plants that have been used by humans for centuries long before pharmaceuticals. Crafting herbal products isn't just the past time of "hippies" but a way to support wellness in the body. Not only are herbs beneficial to the body and mind, but by connecting with the herbs we use or consume, we also connect to the earth. In doing so, we hope that people will be more mindful of the earth and treat her better.