Raspberry Leaf In The Dark Moon

One way to think about the period of the dark moon is stagnant; it is a time to be still, to look inward, and prepare oneself for the new month. I see this phase as a time of motion, specifically outward motion. One herb in particular assists with this outward flow of energy– red raspberry leaf.

This is not to say that red raspberry leaf is a spiritual cleansing herb. The outward motion I speak of here has to do with toning so that stagnant potential energy may become kinetic energy. Over the course of the month, and especially during the waning phase, energies we wanted to release can become inactive and stale due to overly lax states of mind and. spirit. This spiritual condition may be attributed to discouraged states of mind. Any number of negative emotions and mental states can affect our creative nature, stanching and thereby restricting its flow.

So then, let us explore how red raspberry can be used during the dark moon in meditation and ingestion by infusion to help with our dispirited and lax states of mind.

The Toning Properties of Red Raspberry Leaf

First, we may want to take into consideration red raspberry's properties with regards to the physical body in order to understand how it may be used as a spiritual guide during the dark moon phase.

Red raspberry leaf is an astringent. This is what gives the leaf its toning properties. An astringent strengthens and tightens tissues due to tannins and is generally attributed to the drying action. Raspberry leaf is indeed considered a dry, cooling herb. Not dry in the sense that it will dry out moisture in the body. No, in fact, the dryness has more to do with its toning properties. Red raspberry  tones lax, flabby tissue. The flabbiness may be due to an excessive amount of moisture build up as a result of lax tissue states being unable to push fluids through the body effectively.  

By toning damp and lax tissue states, raspberry leaf helps fluids flow more easily so that they can nourish and hydrate the body. Ironically, we see that, although considered a drying herb, raspberry leaf helps to hydrate the body. A weak tissue or organ may not allow fluids to flow efficiently. By tightening these lax tissues, fluids are able to pass through with ease. Let us take into consideration raspberry leaf as an emmenagogue. Emmenagogues are herbs that encourage menstruation. 

Now consider a lax, weak uterus. If uterine issues are not toned, blood does not flow properly and this is why some women may have painful menstruation cycles. Toned uterine tissues help to alleviate menstruation pain by allowing blood to flow adequately through and out the vagina. Proper flow eliminates the likelihood of discomfort making the cycle less arduous.

In short, the astringent property of raspberry leaf allows energy to flow by toning tissues. Now, let us explore how the toning property might be useful for our spiritual and mental states.


Releasing Energies During the Dark Moon

Red Raspberry leaf tea may be incorporated into the dark moon ritual when one needs to release energies due to lax, weak spiritual constitutions. Our creative nature may be sluggish and idle due to an un-toned spirit. This incredible herbal ally may be used during the dark moon to meditated on and ingestion order to help with mental blockages, stagnant imagination and creativeness, and other lax mental and emotional states. 

By toning our spirit through mediation, affirmations, ritual, or prayer, we have the ability to turn our potential creative energy into a kinetic creative energy. Red raspberry leaf helps us to understand what we must do in order to get the juices flowing, so to speak. 

Raspberry leaf has been a constant ally in my personal life since the beginning of my pregnancy. It is apart of my daily routine and is especially helpful as a spiritual guide. As I see it, by ingesting any herb, I allow the herb to become a part of myself and I become a part of it. It is a mutual exchange in which I learn from the herb and in turn the spirit of the herb is able to share what it is willing and ready to share. Our plant allies are ancient; their knowledge is vast and their secrets deep.  Red raspberry leaf is like an older sister to me, helping to tone me for the challenges of life, strengthening my spirit and body against lethargic attitudes and  limp mental states that hinder my creativeness. She is strict but loving, strong-willed but kind. 

Many experience the dark moon phase as a break in mental and spiritual work. I have also noted that some find this night spooky and it is a kind of taboo to do any spiritual work during this phase. I see this period as a means to begin releasing energies that have otherwise spoiled my creative nature. It is a time of inner reflection to be sure, and through that reflection we might find there are parts of us that need toning in order for creativity to once again flow efficiently thus hydrating and nourishing our weakened spirits. 


In articles to come, we will further delve the benefits of red raspberry leaf, especially those concerning pregnancy and post pregnancy. Come the full moon, we will then explore how the kinetic energy released from red raspberry leaf can be utilized during this phase to give power to our spiritual workings. 

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